"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise."

Kobe Bryant


Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing and uploading 'PACKs' under each of the categories below. The purpose of each PACK is to provide useful content and resources that aim to help you improve that aspect of your life. Together, all four PACKs will help you live a gifted life. Keep in mind that each PACK is always evolving, so I will continue to publish updates as I learn and create more under each category. Here's a brief description of what's to come for each PACK:

MENTAL PACK: The goal of this pack is to develop your mind and become knowledgeable and wise. Becoming cultured, starting a business, and the ongoing process of continuous learning of all subjects fall in this realm.

PHYSICAL PACK: The goal of this pack is to help you form a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and a strong workout routine. Being in peak physical shape, no matter your age, is essential to feeling amazing, confident, and comfortable about yourself. 

EMOTIONAL PACK: The goal of this pack is to help you master your emotions and see reality for what it really is. Emotions have tremendous power and can be controlled and harnessed to reach your goals, or they will control you. For most people, their emotions dictate their actions, so they're not truly in control of their lives. Mastering your emotions gives you the ability to make the best decisions possible and take back control of your life.

SPIRITUAL PACK: The goal of this pack is to guide you through the journey of life. Life is a series of interconnected events that is tailored for each person on this Earth to realize that we are all the same, and that showing unconditional love to each other allows us to experience Life's greatest gifts.